Best Flavors to Go with E juices

With vaping becoming immensely popular, e-juices have started coming in infinite flavors. Although you can come across common menthol tastes, there are several ‘out-of-the-box’ flavors such as granola bar and watermelon that become new favorites amongst people. There are several companies that have started venturing in the e juices market and are on a constant lookout for new flavors. Not all of them are impressive. There are a few blends that you may not even feel like appreciating. Here are some ejuice flavors you must try once in a lifetime. 

Vaping terms to be aware of

There are a few terms you must know in order to understand the composition of e-juices. Vegetable glycerin [VG] and Propylene Glycol [PG] are the main components of e-juices. They hint the amount of vapor or flavor present in a particular e-juice. Vegetable glycerin determines the amount of vapor present after each hit. Propylene Glycol is responsible for producing higher ejuice flavors as well as for the throat hits. Commonly the ratio of VG: PG encountered in e-juices is 50/50, 70/30 or 60/40. Understanding these ratios is vital for a great vaping experience. If you are looking for the best flavors or are curious to try new ones, then read this guide to learn more. 

Tropical Fruit

The tropical fruit e-juice possesses a distinct pineapple and strawberry blend. It is one of the most popular ejuice flavors. A mild touch of coconut makes this flavor truly divine. The succulent property leaves a delicious taste in the mouth like an exotic fruity beverage. The taste is more or less comparable to Pina Colada. The ratio of VG/PG in this e-juice flavor is 70/30.



This flavor is for those who appreciate the good old tobacco taste. If you are not fond of the experimental ejuice flavors, then this classic tobacco taste would be apt for you. Instead of emptying a pack of cigarettes, you can rely on tobacco e-juices. Moreover, you would not be exposing your body to toxic carcinogens while opting for this flavor. Dubai vape juice has a ratio of 25:75 or VG: PG. The nicotine strength varies from 0 to 36mg in these e-juices. 


This flavor elicits your fondest childhood memories of biting a menthol candy. This vape juice, however, permits you to blow enormous plumes of smoke due to its VG/PG ratio of 60/40. Your mouth will be left minty fresh after smoking this e-juice. The experience offered is more or less the same as a traditional menthol cigarette. The peppermint flavor tickles your taste buds, unlike any other taste.    


Missing your morning brew? You do not have to fret as there is an ultimate e-juice flavor that will give you an instant boost. This e-juice gives you an incredible taste of freshly brewed coffee and the punch that you are hoping for. The 60:40 ratio of VG: PG promises an awesome throat hit. It will cut down your cravings for coffee intake by a cup or two because it tastes almost real.



The flavors just ooze into your mouth when you opt for this e-juice. If you are looking for an incredible pop of grape goodness, then look no further than this flavor. The delicious ratio of VG: PG of 70/30 which is perfect for heavy throat hits and for perfect plumes of smoke.




Craving desserts? This cookie flavored vape juice would not let you crave for delicious sweet treats anymore. This scrumptious vape juice blend promises a massive sensory explosion in your mouth. This insanely delicious vape juice is one of the best available in the market. It has a VG: PG ratio of 60:40. Awesome cloud hits are assured with this cookie-flavored vape juice. 

Strawberry and cream

Fond of jam? This delectable vape juice seems nothing like a tasty bliss. The strawberry and cream flavor comprises 70:30 ratio of VG: PG. You can expect all the throat hits and clouds that you are seeking with this incredible e-juice flavor blend.   



Fruit punch

If you are looking for more complex tastes, then you must try the fruit punch flavor. It is more complex and the tropical blends give you a refreshing experience. The 70:30 ratio of VG:PG ensures big clouds and throat hits. The more you smoke, the more tastes are revealed. Overall, the experience of vaping is quite incredible.  


CBD is a derivative of hemp and claims to have several medical benefits. You would not get high while smoking CBD. The vape juice comprising of CBD flavor has VG: PG ratio of 70:30. Expect good throat hit and some big clouds with this flavor. This is one of the most popular ejuice flavors currently.