Vape Lovers, Here Are The Best Flavors For Three Times Of Your Day

Have you made those rings out of vapor like Gandalf did in The Hobbit? Well, we all surely try but success is just a matter of practice. These little things and the fact that vaping has allowed us, the Dubai crowd, to bond unconventionally through the phenomenally flavored vape juices have contributed in building the hookah empire.

When it comes to vaping, flavors trump every other discussion. There are a plethora of flavors from some of the best vaping brands available in the UAE. And there are people who prefer to put a shisha pipe in their mouth before they put a toothbrush. Not many, but they are there. For such vape lovers who like to try different flavors throughout the day, or not, we have any way compiled various options for every time of the day. Curious, aren’t you?

Let’s kill your curiosity!

Backwoods Blueberry by UAEvaping

Greet Your Splendid Mornings Even More Splendidly

Mornings are meant for a cup of creamy milk, a bowl of cereals, coffee, and fruits. What if I tell you that you can get a whiff of all of these things through vape juices for sale at Dubai Vape?

Looper by ANML has introduced a breakfast flavor which is profusely infused with fruity cereals and creamy milk. Hand made using the expertise of the delicate vaping science, this flavor is a phenomenal addition to the collection. There is one more flavor that could make your mornings much better, especially if you are a coffee lover. Vaporfi’s Raspberry Mocha offers aroma with a rich blend of raspberry and freshly brewed coffee. The makers have taken authenticity to another level by encasing it in a coffee cup shaped case.

Beat The Boredom Of The Sunny Noons

If you are planning a meet and greet at noon, or simply need to revamp your energy in the middle of your work, vape flavors with tobacco and menthol are definitely the picks you need. Tribeca, the pioneer of vaping industry has this amazing tobacco flavor known as Ultra Smooth Tobacco. WIth that crispness of tobacco, this award winning flavor has a touch of caramel and cream giving it a sensational sweetness at the end. Black Note’s Prelude collection has Virginia tobacco blend which some of the users have tagged as the best e-juice in UAE. These are two of the must buy e liquid to refresh your afternoons in Dubai.

Get Past The Demons Of Nights With These Angelic Flavors

The serenity that late hours bring is something that we all long for. The stillness has a whirling effect on our minds that nothing else can best. Either it’s that or the blaring noise of the party! Regardless of what situation you are in, your nights deserve the sweetness of dessert and creamy vape flavors. UAE Vaping Shop has this flavor called Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny which is a number one seller in the dessert flavors. Infused with a mouth-watering custard flavor, this e-liquid adds a sweet tang of strawberry when exhaled. Yes, a perfect blend!

For the ones who are looking to ditch the calories but can’t help having chocolates in dessert, go for Milky O’S from the brand Milkman. It has this crispy texture like a cookie does with chocolates and cream as add-ons. Extraordinarily delicious, this flavor can be your loyal partner for the lovely nights!

Give your times of the day a new twist with different vaping flavors. Get together with friends and family and make these e-juices the bridge that takes you to another level of your relationships. UAE vaping store has these unconventionally tasteful vape juices for sale online, so getting them on the go will be fun and fast!


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