Ready to Try Other E Juice Flavors?

Everyone has their favorite flavored E juice. But sometimes, it’s nice to be able to try something new. If you’re a fan of candy flavored e juice, maybe you could try some stronger flavors that cigar smokers swear by. If you’re a cigar fan looking to quit with something decadent and luxurious, there are creamy options that might please you. Trying new flavors is fun and who knows, your new favorite may be there among the recommendations below.

Tobacco Flavor

If you can’t forget the flavor of tobacco from your days as a smoker of cancer sticks, you’ll want to explore all the options available to you. There are so many varieties, it’s hard to choose the best tobacco flavored e liquid. You’ll find everything from ultra-smooth to Virginia tobacco blends to menthol blends. If you like robust flavors, then Freedom Juice is one of the best. Torque 56 offers a nice unfiltered tobacco flavor Prime 15 has a bold nutty tobacco flavor that are worth checking out. If smooth and light is your style, then Turkish is an excellent e Juice brand to try.

Fruit Flavor

Fruit flavors can be hit or miss. Some people dislike sweet-flavored vaping, but if you’re among the majority that loves smoking a fruit cocktail, you’ll enjoy some of the recommendations here. For those who enjoy minty flavors, the best fruit e juice might be the Cowboy Cooler, which has hints of tart berries and menthol. Blackwoods Blueberry (Evo by Halo) and Island Frost Grand Reserve are two popular favorites. The choices in fruit flavored e juices are endless, with everything from pomegranate to watermelons and for those who can’t choose, the Sucker Punch.

Milk Flavor

Milk flavors are unusual, but if you like chocolate and coffee, the best milk flavor e juice for you would be the Cafe Mocha or the award winning Catch Ya Latte from Vaporfr, flavored with espresso, steamed milk, hazelnut and caramel. If you’re not sure how that will taste, you only have to try it.

Creamy Flavor

Indulgent creamy e juice flavors are the equivalent of liqueurs in the range of e cig juices you can vape when you’re longing for something luxurious and rich. Flavors include the Devlin Sweet Caramel, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crumbleberry, and other dessert flavors.

Candy Flavor

Puff on some candy to bring back memories of your childhood. Cloud Candy Grand Reserve, Carnage by ANML and Rainbow Rocke’s from the Signature Series are some of the popular candy flavors.

Which is your favorite e juice to vape?

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