Have I Chosen the Right E-Liquid?

Vaping is a trend that is fast growing. And if you, too, are a part of it, then you must have wondered this at least one in your life- “Have I chosen the right E-liquid?” Yes, choosing the right e-liquid is important because the wrong one can make your vaping experience simply miserable. If you don’t want to let that happen, you must know what factors to consider while choosing your e-liquid-

1. Looking for vape uae? Let us tell you, choosing the right flavor can make a sea of difference. So, the first and most important thing to consider is the flavor of the e-liquid. Is flavor that important? Yes, it is! For instance, you like eating bananas, and someone makes you eat apples, will you like the experience? Certainly not! The case is similar here. Since specific e-liquid flavours have specific tastes, choosing one according to your liking is extremely important. If you aware of Dubai vape store online then sure you will be able to find amazing flavours for yourself.

Coffee Flavors By Five Prawns

2. The second thing to consider is the nicotine content in the e-liquid. This basically depends on how high you want to get. For more intoxication, you might have to go for e-liquids having higher nicotine content. However, if you have nothing to do with the intoxication aspect and you vape just because you love trying out different flavours, then you can go for e-liquids with low or no nicotine content. To gain some stress busting effect, you can also go for coffee flavored vape juice.

3. Keeping in mind the PG and VG of e-liquids is also important. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG) are both base solutions for e-liquids. The flavor you get when you vape on an e-liquid with a PG base, is more intense. But the vapour produced is weak. VG, on the other had tastes a little sweet and is more viscous. As a result of which the flavor remains less distinct. Both the varieties are popular and boast of their own fan bases. Go to any vape shop uae and they will tell you exactly what effects these base solutions could produce.

4. Another factor that you shouldn’t ignore is giving the flavor a test before making its purchase. This is important because, the same flavor produced by different brands may have different tastes. If you want to make sure the flavor is perfect for your taste buds, you must give it a shot.

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